SOFIA KOV is a Berlin-based jewelery brand founded in 2016

Our brand is the story of a creator and perfectionist, whose love for her work and craftmanship led to the creation of a unique jewelry brand.

The designer's inspiration is based on a love for simple forms and clean lines. 
We create jewelry that becomes a second skin: not distracting attention from its owner, but rather emphasizing ones individuality.

Sofia's path to jewelry making began after graduating fine arts university. 

There, Sofia experimented with different media and explored different visual fields, while constantly looking for one that would give her complete visual satisfaction from its final product, while also finding joy in the process: the result of this search led her eventually to jewelry making.
From collection to collection, Sofia has experimented with forms and shapes, finding her own personal perfection.

With the growth of her business, a team of talented artisans has joined the studio. 
Developing a brand together with like-minded creative and dedicated people inspires the designer the most. Today, Sofia is designing and crafting the prototypes from wax and developing them into a final product, meticulously accompanying each stage of the process to ensure that the high standards in quality and sustainability are maintained.
At SOFIA KOV we are mindful to ensure that every part of the creation process is sustainable, from the material to the packaging and beyond.  

As the brand continues to grow, it is our goal at SOFIA KOV to keep developing with curiosity and excitement towards the future.